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Photoshop Lover

Photoshop Lovers
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Welcome to Photoshop Lover! First opened in December of 2003 by gregariously, this community is for people new to the world of Photoshop, and for those who are just starting out. Here you can find tutorials, advice, and much more! There is open membership for this community so don’t hesitate to join! You may leave any time you wish.

As with most communities, there are a few guidelines that everyone in this community must follow in order for it to be a happy, workable environment.

1. Do not bash or insult other members. If someone has made an error somewhere, kindly point out their mistake, and don't start a fight. Don’t call someone stupid just because they don’t know how to do something. any name calling or bashing will result in a banning from this community.
2. Unless we are having a contest of some sort, don’t post your creations in here. There are many other communities where you can do this.
3. Don’t ask people to make something for you. Again, there are other communities where you can make requests.
4. Check the memories before posting. The mods of this community will add to the memories once in a while if they see a tutorial that may be helpful. Your question also may be in the memories already.
5. If you want to advertise a community, please contact us before posting. Simply e-mail us and we will give you permission.

That should be all! Thanks for your cooperation.

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Photoshop Related:

Tutorial Outpost
A site with some really nice photoshop effects.

New Tutorials
A small photoshop site with some fairly advanced photoshopping.

Good Tutorials
A very very good photoshop site. I highly recommend this site as I it updates very frequently (I think everyday).

Photoshop Workshop
Another good photoshop site. It's very nicely organized so it's very easy to find what you are looking for.

If you have any more links you'd like to share, please e-mail me. Credit will be given =)

Photoshop Related Communities:


If you have any more links you'd like to share, please e-mail me. Credit will be given =)

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